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• If you want to chat, there is a chatroom please use it!
• Moderator edits are made for a reason.Any attempt to change one will result in punishment.

Terms And Conditions

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User - You
Editor / Poster - A member given the role of editing indexed nzb postings if required
Usenet - Data held on 3rd party servers using the NNTP Internet protocol (info)
NZB - A file format (xml meta) that makes it easier for users to locate materials from Usenet(info)

We provide you with a automated search service to locate binary files/secgments that can be found on the public access network called Usenet.

You agree that use of this Site is subject solely to the terms provided and the site rules. These terms may change and you agree to check them periodically.

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This Site ( does not upload any content to Usenet, It just indexes the content of Usenet.
If you breach these requirements in any manner that damages us we may seek an indemnity from you as provided for in this Agreement.

By using this Site and entering into this Agreement you agree that if you do any act which is in breach of this Agreement and which causes us or our employees related companies partners affiliates directors agents or subcontractors to be subject to any pecuniary criminal or imperative disadvantage then you agree to give an indemnity against it including without limitation any damages costs loss of profits disbursements penalties or fines.

From time to time the Site may have to be suspended without prior notice. If this ever happens we will endeavour to restart the Site as quickly as possible in such circumstances. We will not be responsible for any consequences that you may suffer as a result

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This site ( does not provied any access to The Usenet, Newgroups or the Internet. It only provides a automated index of The Usenet.

If you require access to Usenet please use your ISP's own Usenet server or a third-party paid "Premium" provider.

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